Sunday 29 March 2020

Official Rides Cancelled - chill out about it!

I had an organised ride on 13th March - a nocturnal one - from Windsor to Winchester but decided not to go. My main reason was that I might be forced to used more public transport than I really would have liked. Since then things have moved on and my beloved Friday night rides to the coast have been quite rightly cancelled for the foreseeable future.

There is now a great deal of speculation as to whether the Ride 100 / Brompton World Championships 2020 will take place in August. (I was signed up to to do this on one of my Orange Brompton bikes). With events as they are, things are changing on a day by day basis and planning that far ahead seems more than a little ambitious.  The Dunwich Dynamo is earlier, taking place on the night of the 4th July and again there is speculation about that too.

With over three months until the Dynamo and four until the Ride 100 I am not sure they will happen. My view is that the NHS will still be dealing with (or best case scenario) recovering from the 'C' word.

What is particularly telling is the people on all sorts of forums saying that they will be doing the Dynamo regardless, riding back rather than take the coach. Perhaps these are the same idiots that I have seen in SW7 and elsewhere, ignoring the advice and riding more or less together in groups of way more than two!  I suspect that if this continues, our free range,  cycling - as a form of exercise - will come to an end while the 'C' crisis continues.

Yes you can be disappointed about rides being cancelled but just chill out and be a little more stoic. The current situations we find ourselves in will all end at some point and when it does an overnight ride to the coast (probably with my dear friend Dr John) will be one of the first larger rides I will want to do.

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