Monday 13 February 2017

BWC 2017 - More chance of becoming the next Pope

Over the past few hours a few people have been revealing whether or not they gained a place in the Brompton World Championships 2017. Apart from me saying enjoy, I also added that had I of entered the ballot I would have stood more chance of becoming the next Pope. It seems that unbeknownst to me I was correct. I will explain.

The last BWC I participated in was back in 2015 - the first to be held in London - and I loved it. I entered the ballot for BWC 2016 but didn't get through. I missed not being able to attend but in the cold light of day I didn't miss going as much as I thought I would. 

Roll forward to this year I didn't bother entering. Although I could afford the £50 entry fee it didn't really seem like the best value for money, especially when one considers that the Ride100 - also a ballot - costs £16 more. For about half an hours racing, meal and medal it doesn't seem like value for money. 

The BWC is restricted to 550 participants but on race day a sizeable number won't show. In 2015 this was a kick in the soft dangly bits for those who had supported Brompton by turning up to watch proceedings but unable to take part, despite wanting to. I believe the same thing happened last year. I can understand why London has been chosen but a venue that caters for only 550 participants does not reflect the numbers that want to take part. This will be the third year where the permitted number of participants has not increased. I can understand why and totally get it. It is all an exercise in marketing the brand.

In addition to all of this when I consider what cycle rides provide more lasting memories, it wasn't the BWC. The ones that stood out for me include cycling through the night in all weathers for several hours to arrive at various coastal locations the following morning. Cycling along the Thames path toward the Thames Flood Barrier and back. Cycling to Box Hill and back day or night. Cycling along the Brighton coast wondering if the waves will crash over the sea wall. These memories will last longer and in some cases provide more of a physical test that can be enjoyed at will, without the need for a ballot. If you are lucky enough to have got in, enjoy as it is a great event. If not, get over it and think about applying next year. 

It was then much to surprise that I too received an email informing me that I had been unsuccessful in gaining a place at the BWC 2017. This induced much scratching of the head and me saying, 'I don't understand...I didn't even enter this year?!'  It seems that my eldest Orangette entered for me on my behalf. I love her for this but as predicted I would stand more chance of becoming the next Pope!


  1. I agree - London is great for marketing the Brompton brand but Goodwood was great for all the owners ( the brand ambassadors? ). When I didn't get in in 2015 the Brompton was relegated to the shed for a year!

  2. I agree as well. I raced at Goodwood in BWC 2013 & 2014 and it now seems that I was lucky to race in London at BWC 2015. I live in North Yorkshire, but have gladly brought my wife and kids to the BWCs, because we make it part of great weekend away for my family. Goodwood, which for us was a 700 mile round trip, was a wonderful venue. But I can also see that Brompton prefer the publicity of an event in London (it's on TV) and this outweighs the need to cater for a larger event elsewhere. Of course London's a great venue, it's just a shame that there can't be more Brompton races. The race is against the clock, so why not have 2 or 3 heats? Needless to say, I didn't have my entry accepted for 2016 or 2017, so I approve of your call for a "standby" list. But I'll enter for 2018, wherever the BWC will be, because I still think it's great fun. I'll be a pensioner soon, and so will lobby for an older veterans' age limit :-)


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