Tuesday 14 February 2017

Brompton World Championships - Now I'm not in?

Yesterday lots of people were rightly pleased to have received the email congratulating them upon gaining a place to the Brompton World Championships 2017. Today they were in receipt of another email that quite possibly left a bitter taste in their mouth.

It seems that someone must have made a monumental cock up in sending out some congratulations you're in emails to the wrong people. What they received today was a second email saying that this was sent in error and that they were in fact on the reserve list. These poor people now have to wait and see if they will get a place at the start of March.

Oh dear! Wherever the blame lies it certainly isn't good and if the fault was not with Brompton, I am sure that the powers that be in Greenford are livid. Regardless of this I am sure that those affected are as annoyed. Hardly military precision.

I am glad to be standing on the outside looking in. Living in London I have raced several times around the Brompton World Championships circuit over the past couple of years at stupid o'clock. The only difference being less spectators and participants, not paying £50 and not having to enter a ballot to do so. I know what I prefer...


  1. I've had the same email today and to say it has left a bitter taste is an understatement. Very very poor and doesn't reflect well at all.

  2. When you charge that much for an entry fee then the organisatonal processes should be impeccable and underpin the brand values of Brompton. Frankly I think (we) Brompton owners should stop fawning and show our displeasure at being treated so badly and boycott the event in 2018. I like your idea of a free stupid o'clock event instead.

  3. I like the idea of a free event at a quiet hour- it would be Outlaw Brompton Racing! I'd certainly bring my Brompton on a cheap off-peak train from North Yorkshire and have a go. BTW, is the Mall/St James's Park BWC route on Strava? Then anyone could have a free go at a time that suits them.


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