Friday 23 December 2016

RidePac - the king of cycling wallets?

When cycling I have stored my iPhone, credit cards, Oyster card, cash and other bits and pieces in everything from posh leather cycling wallets, saddlebags to freezer bags. The lovely people at sent me one of their RidePac's in Day-Glo orange no less for review purposes.

When I opened the padded envelop the first thing that struck me was that the packaging was rather good.

The colour of the RidePac was not just orange it was my kind of orange! It was light and the form factor was spot on. A really nice touch was to include a handy RideClean wipe, just in case I suppose.

Look at that colour!

My instant thought was whether my iPhone 7+ would fit. The quick answer is yes it does. Inside the RidePac there is a phone slip pocket and a soft padded microfibre-type lining to keep your screen free from scratches. It is a tight fit initially but after taking out / putting in the phone a few times loosened things up. The fit is very good and I imagine that if you have a phone of similar size to an iPhone 7+ it will fit. Smaller phones fit well too without a great deal of rattling around.

On the other side to the phone slip pocket is a zipped pocket which I found useful for coins. In addition to this is a credit card holder.

The outer zip is excellent. It has short zip puller with a rubber 'V' for VeloPac. This makes opening the closing the RidePac easy in cold weather or when wearing gloves.

The zip is water resistant but then so is the outer fabric and inner materials. I know that many phones including the iPhone 7 are now waterproof but knowing things are safe from water ingress does provide a degree of security.

The RidePac fits perfectly in the rear pocket of any jersey/jacket and with dimensions of 100mm x 185mm it is just an excellent size.

The RidePac costs £28 which I have to say is ex ellen value for what you get. It looks bulletproof to me and will definitely stand up to many years of faithful service.

I also own the Rolls Royce of cycling phone wallets in the form of a plus size 'All-Conditions Phone Pocket' by Bellroy. This is a waxed leather number that is also waterproof and the mention of Rolls Royce has probably given you a clue that it isn;t exactly cheap. In fact it retails for £89.

Which do I prefer? For there is no competition. The RidePac wins. I do of course love the colour (other colours are of course available) but the form factor is just better in terms of size and weight. It is comfortable in ones rear jersey pocket to the extent that you forget it is there. I cannot say that with the Bellroy.

If you are in the market for a great little cycling phone, cash, credit card wallet that is waterproof, tough as nails and looks great, you should give them a go. Sorry VeloPac but if you are wondering why I have not sent this back to you, it just might get lost in the post!

Link to the VeloPac website

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