Tuesday 2 August 2016

Rudolf Nureyev while cycling

Until very recently when cycling on a ride of anything more than 10 miles I would wear a pair of padded cycling shorts UNDER a pair of cycling specific shorts. Things have taken quite a dramatic turn of late I can tell you!

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of dhb bib shorts and of course I wore them under a pair of shorts. I have to report that bib shorts are quite simply excellent in terms of comfort. Yes I looked like a wrestler from the 1970's but the comfort was worth it. On the bike there was little needed in the way of adjusting and the pad - or chamois - was positioned perfectly.

The worry of actually let us say powdering ones nose while out in the field, was better than I initially thought. After a few practice runs and knowing the need to avoid whiplash, I was fine.

All the time I see cyclists wearing bib shorts and a cycling jersey and that' it. No shorts over the bib shorts. This has always been something I have shunned. For my eyes I am no fan of what I have always termed, baboon bottom. The sight of a very visible pad, sorry chamois being paraded around is just too much. However, how things have changed.

On my Ride46 I decided to wear some Rapha bib shorts I had been dying to wear for some time. Combined with a pretty fine Rapha Brevet wind block jersey...well it had to happen! Just as I was leaving to go for the Ride46 I attempted to show Mrs Orange my new look. It was far too early for her and she turned away and continued her slumber. One of the Orangettes was up and simply said, 'you're wearing those?' of course referring to my bib shorts. Undeterred I carried on and no shorts would be placed over my bib shorts!

In addition to baboon bottom I have say that when I looked at my reflection in a shop window, to check I was still looking as dapper as I thought I was not 30 minutes earlier, I was struck that baboon bottom was not the only issue with Bib shorts!

As I glanced at my reflection and then looking down to confirm what I had seen, I could not help but think of the late Rudolf Nureyev in his prime. Several other names clouded my thoughts Vaslav Nijinsky and even Waynne Sleep!

On the bike the bib shorts felt great and not having shorts over them was definitely more comfortable.  I have this very a.m. been out on my Titanium Orange Brompton for an early morning 12 mile round trip, wearing just bib shorts and a jersey and felt pretty good about it. Of course things might be different if I were not cycling and had to do something such as go shopping. There is no way I would for example want to parade around in a pair of bib shorts around Costco!

No, I am a covert. It has taken a long time and a great deal of naysaying, but I will now wear my bib shorts a great deal more. Give them a go people, what's the worst that can happen!

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