Monday 29 August 2016

Back where I started!

A few weeks ago I posted on here a question asking you whether you wanted me to stick with the new blog  - which is general and covers my travels on my road bike  - or resume posting on here, despite it being called 'My Orange Brompton.'

Firstly, many thanks to all the people who have emailed how much they had enjoyed reading my efforts over the years on here and for supporting the new one.

Well, the results are in and have been verified - well not really but you know what I mean - and it seems that the majority of you would prefer me to resume posting on here, even though I may stray into big wheel territory.

Just under 30 emails were received and it was 73% for resuming blog posts on here. 19% for the new blog and 8% who were not bothered either way.

Many questioned why I started a new blog where it was a case of new boss just like the old boss? There are three very specific reasons why I felt the need to have a different blog address and name but me blogging about it would probably land me in the proverbial hot water.

So, much to my surprise I am back on here! There may well be some posts about my new Condor road bike - which is quite wonderful - but I have two Orange Brompton bicycles which get used every day, so you are sure to read about lots of Brompton adventures as usual!

Thank you for your support.


  1. SOOOO glad to hear that you will still be writing about your trusty Brompton! Yipee! I love reading about your travels!!

  2. Occasional reader here - v enjoyable reading about the new bikes and the contrast in experiences of them and the folders. Keeping it all in the one place makes sense for this.


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