Friday 30 May 2014

Extreme Brompton Cycling Weekend!!

Saturday 7th June is going to be a rather busy day for me and a day that has been etched in my calendar for several months. As I type this I wonder whether I have fully appreciated what I will be doing but them it dawned on me that I have done this all before - the Nocturne and the 100km NightRider around London!

A few days ago I received the very welcome news that I had got my place at the Jupiter London Nocturne. This will be the third time I have taken part and it has for me at least become a must do event. The reasons are quite simple. The Nocturne is a very pure race that isn't for the faint of heart. Ones bicycle is left in the folded position. The signal is given for the off and riders run to their bicycles, unfold and go. No time chips, just first past the post.

It is quite an experience and if anything I feel more nervous about the Nocturne than any other event I have entered. It is brutal and despite the course being short, it is very demanding. I have been round the circuit in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning at considerable speed - more so than when competing at the actual race! Race conditions are very different and nerves take hold. Still, it remains a fanatsic event. It is also a great day as a spectator and it celebrates cycling in all its forms. I was so engrossed in one particular elite riders race that I almost missed the call for my heat.

This event will take place from 15:00 onwards and after this I will have to travel to Alexandra Palace for the NightRider. This is a charity event in which I have been collecting money for Breast Cancer Care. This will see me start from Alexandra Palace cycling to Crystal Palace and then back to Alexandra Palace. It is 100km and I will start just before midnight.

I will be going to the Nocturne and then more or less going straight to the NightRider. I am really glad I am also going to the Nocturne as the prospect of going to this event was part of my charity drive - two back to back events! In fact I will be doing the same next year.

The Jupiter London Nocturne

So far I have raised £525 but with gift aid this amount has been increased to £656.25. I am really pleased that I have been able to raise as much as this and happy that it is going to such a good charity.

The NightRider

I really don't know what preparations I am going to do in the days leading up to next Saturday? Possibly just clean my Brompton. If anything I don't really want to think too much about it as I am excited enough about it as it is.

If you are in London next Saturday, it really is worth going to the Nocturne as a spectator. Of course should you see me on my Orange Brompton...give me a cheer!!
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  1. London Nocturne sounds like an amazing!

  2. Good Luck at the race, Mr. O.
    I hope you get out of it what it is that your seeking.
    The evening view of the river is beautiful.
    Peace :)


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