Monday 26 May 2014

Brompton Water Bottle Solution

Regular readers might have remembered a blog post about a water bottle holder I bought from CycleMiles. For me this was the best solution to carrying a water bottle on ones Brompton. When I found out that Cyclemiles were now selling an orange version...I had to have one!

The Monkii Cage system is a very clever idea that just works. The clip (pictured below) is attached to the handlebar stem via a clamp. The kit comes with a rubber pad so that you don't damage the paintwork but nothing needs to be tightened that much in order for things to remain perfectly in place.

The clip attached to the stem

The next part of the system is the cage (pictured below). You don't get a bottle but the cage fits almost any water bottle or even a small flask. The bottle in the picture is a standard 750ml sports bottle with a pop up tube. A velcro strap is used to hold the bottle in place and it does so very securely.

The cage with a bottle inserted

The cage then attaches with a reassuring click, signifying that it is locked into place on to the clip. Once there is won't be going anywhere until required.

Working together to form a very secure fit

The beauty of the Monkii system is that you can even fold your Brompton with the bottle still attached to the stem via the cage and clip. It is very clever and one less thing to worry about.

Secure even when folded

I used this very Monkii system when on the gruelling 100 mile Mitie Revolution. It was a hot day and  I had to drink frequently. Cycling and drinking on the move was easy and more importantly safe and at no point did I have to fumble or have trouble engaging the cage/bootle back into the clip. I will certainly be using it on the upcoming 100km NightRider.

Okay, how much? Well the clip costs £10.50 and the cage £13.75 (which is available in black, white, pea green and of course orange). There are lots of water bottle systems for Brompton bicycles out there but this has always been my favourite. My original cage has withstood a a great deal of abuse and still going strong. The other bonus for the weight weenies is that the clip and cage weight next to nothing and much better than the many metal cages out there.

CycleMiles sells lots of other cycle related products and have expanded these greatly over the last few months. They are also a very friendly well organised operation, passionate about cycling so check out their website by clicking on the link in the first paragraph above.

Link to original post about the Monkii Cage


  1. Mr. O,
    I have been contemplating adding something like this to Brahma.
    Great choice of color, might I add!
    Peace :)

  2. I have ordered one too, in Pea Green. Shame about the postage, which is a bit steep at £3.50. But it looks like a good system, where few workable alternatives exist.


  3. racing green P6R4 June 2014 at 11:27

    The only problem I've had with the Monkii cage is that you have to be very careful about where on the stem you fit it- otherwise you may find it snagging the cables while turning or interfering with the fold. Once you've got that sorted, it really is a good solution.


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