Sunday 19 January 2014

Richmond Park Solo Spin

Of late there has definitely been a drought in terms of Brompton rides and adventures! Luckily, with a nocturnal adventure this Friday evening and a few more not too long after, it seems that this dry patch might be at an end. I am very glad for this as withdrawal symptoms are starting to creep in!

This morning I rose at an earlish hour and parked my car at Kew Gardens. From there I cycled the short distance to Richmond Park. On route I cycled up and down the infamous Nightingale Lane twice. (This isn't really too bad once you get going but still provides a formidable warm up)!

Arriving at Richmond Park with my Titanium Orange Brompton I was greeted as usual by the sight of all manner of cyclists. It was busy and the favourable weather conditions must have brought out more cyclists than usual perhaps?

I only had time for two laps as I had to be back to take Mrs Orange and my two daughters out for their usual Sunday adventure. Setting off I tried to maintain a steady pace but the sight of a large peloton of roadies and me subsequently trying to keep up with them, made me forget to press start on my Garmin Edge 810.

I managed to keep up with them for about a mile before someone at the front shouted, "come on let's get going!" At this all hell broke loose. I had been cycling at just over 20mph and cycling as fast as I could. The peloton of club riders had simply been warming up and at this shout their pace was increased. Quite soon they were a considerable distance in front - very impressive.

By the time I came up to my start position I remembered to press record on my Garmin. I did my best to try and keep an average pace of about 16mph but I found it quite difficult. I think I need to up my cycling as I didn't feel as good as even as far back as September when I went round at an average of 17mph.

On the big hill I managed to overtake a roadie. He shouted out, "that's not allowed!" as I went past. It was all good humoured stuff so I shouted back, "yes it is!"

With my second lap completed I exited the Park and headed back to Kew Gardens. Looking at the data from my Garmin I was a full four and a bit minutes slower than my fastest lap around Richmond Park. That particular lap was done on Kojaks, no mudguards, lighter clothing and in dry weather so it isn't really like for like but still! I need to improve further! This will certainly be my aim in the coming months.

You can have a look at the map an ride data recorded by clicking on the link below.

Richmond Park Solo Spin map and ride data

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