Friday 3 January 2014

Meeting a man outside a tube station...

What a title for a blog entry I hear you almost say! Well yesterday I met a man outside Baker Street tube station in order to sell a Brompton item that I no longer needed.

Many of you will already know that in March 2013 I purchased my Titanium Orange Brompton. It was an M-type but by August of the same year I have converted it to an S-Type. (I have posted a link to this particular blog post below).

I purchased an orange S-type stem and had this fitted to my Titanium Orange Brompton. As for the orange M-type stem...well it had to go on my Original Orange Brompton! This of course meant that I had a spare black M-type stem.

When I first decided upon a new Brompton I chose an M-type with good intentions. I did however feel that with a lighter Brompton afforded by the Titanium parts an S would be better.  In addition to this I sold my Raw Lacquer S2L to part fund this new purchase and I missed the lower and more sporty riding position.

My Titanium Orange Brompton now an S-type is something I love riding. I have taken it on several of the long and demanding overnight rides and enjoyed it. The S -type isn't for everyone of course. Many complain of a sore back or hands but so far it is okay for me.

Well, that's the background. Yesterday I found myself outside Baker Street tube station with an M-type stem and handlebar. I have in the past been warned against either buying or selling items where one meets someone outside a station. Luckily, the person buying was someone I know and like me a gentleman. He is converting the S-type he hasn't got on too well with to an M-type. 

My family and I were visiting my parents and when I left to go to the meeting my mum enquired as to where I was going. When I explained about items being sold, money exchanging hands and meeting a chap outside a tube station, my mum questioned my safety. Questions ensued as to the credentials of the buyer. Concerns were raised about my personal safety. My protestations that I was a married forty-something with two children and properly owner were greeted with an unconvinced raising of the eyebrow! Of course I returned not too long after safe and sound!!

My Titanium M-type becomes an S-type


  1. I can associate with this post, Mr. O.
    I try to meet at a library or a grocery store parking lot or a Coffee Shop, for such transactions.
    Paz :)

  2. I prefer the titanium parts orange Brompton M type. Had the same problem with the sore back.


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