Tuesday 14 January 2014

I get stopped by the Police!

I must state for the record that apart from a naughty schoolboy-type streak that has failed over the years to leave me, I am a law abiding citizen. My dealings with the Police have been few and far between.

As a small child I can remember my mum and dad telling me that if I didn't know something or got lost I could always ask a Police Officer. In addition my parents encouraged me to say, good day to any Police Officers we passed on our travels. To this day, if I pass a Police Officer in the street, I always acknowledge them with a suitable greeting. Habits are hard to break I suppose.

There are of course faults with any organisation and always some bad apples but I genuinely believe we are lucky to have possibly the best police service in the world. It is a hard job and I am thankful we can produce men and women capable of doing such work. I write this as I certainly couldn't do it!

Anyway, back to the title of this blog. I was cycling home and had my various lights on as well as my Altura over trousers and jacket. As I approached a set of traffic lights a police car pulled up on my right. As is my custom I acknowledged the Officers therein with a nod. With the lights turning green we all pulled away.

Not too much further along the road, from the police car driving adjacent to me I heard the passenger side Office with window down say, 'excuse me Sir. Would you mind pulling in for a moment?' My brain went into overdrive. What had I done? What law had I broken? If it was going to mean doing stir I'd have to get a tattoo or two before going just to fit in! (David, if you are reading this...I blame you)!

The driver of the police car got out and apologised for stopping me several times and made it very clear I had not done anything. The reason for the Police Officer stopping me was to enquire about my Cree front light. He had seen it in his rearview mirror and though it was one of the best he had seen. I told him about said light and how it could be purchased for under £20. The Officer again apologised for stopping me and if I had been in any way inconvenienced.

Both Officers were brilliant! It transpired one of them and his son had got mountain bikes for Christmas, wanted to go on off-road night rides but were reluctant to do so as their front lights were pitiful. I am sure a couple of Cree lights will sort that out.

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  1. I've not heard of the Cree light before - I'll have to investigate!


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