Sunday 5 February 2012

Snow in London and my Ricoh GRD III

Hyde Park in its snowy glory
When the snow started to fall last night I made the decision to get myself out and take a few shots with my ever trusty Ricoh. I started off in Hyde Park but didn't stay out for too long as it was starting to rain very softly and I didn't want to get my camera wet.

I retired to a coffee establishment and read a copy of The Times  from last week which had its wonderful cycling campaign for better cycle safety. I really hope that this takes off as those of us living in cities and want to use personal transport could do with someone batting for us.

Hyde Park
I am really happy with the way this camera manages to get such a sharp focus. While out there were a few other people snapping away. When I headed back to Oxford Street I saw a chap photographing the canopy of Selfridges with a Leica M9. I was drooling over this near work of art and trying to get a shot of him taking a shot. He turned saw my camera pointing at him and said, "wow a Ricoh GRD. Is it a II, III or IV?" I didn't get my shot of him by the way.

Marco not a problem on the Ricoh GRD
The 28mm fixed lens also has a pretty mean macro function and you can focus from 1cm away. My Canon G11 is excellent with its close focus but the Ricoh beats it for me in terms of its sharpness and Bokeh. (I love saying Bokeh out loud).

Great macro and plenty of Bokeh!

My Brompton bikes stayed at home this morning and I suspect they will do for the next few days while the snow thaws and the slush goes away. I bet tomorrow however, like mad dogs and Englishmen there will be plenty of Bromptonites out on their beloved folding personal transport braving whatever the weather throws at them.

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  1. I like the photo of the Bokeh the most. The others are very nice as well. No snow here, yet, this year!

    Paz :)


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