Sunday 19 February 2012

Back to training on my Brompton Bikes

It has been a while since I was able to go out of an evening and do a few circuits around the roads where I live. Many things have conspired against me. Snow, a cold that seemed to stay with me a month (and I am not convinced that it had fully gone) and of course the demands of work.

Next weekend I hope to go on an extensive training run and have some fun along the way but more of that if things go according to plan.

My two Brompton bikes seem to work well. The Orange an ML6 is great for wetter weather and longer distances while the Raw SL2 is perfect for everything else (still don't like getting it wet yet).

Many people have asked whether I will be selling the Orange Brompton. The simple answer is no. I don't think I ever could. It is the bike that got me riding again after years of cars and dire public transport. The bike that gave me the inspiration to start this humble little blog and the bike that allowed me to enter the Brompton World Championsips and all the fun that owning a Brompton brings.


  1. Nice to hear you got out and about again on your B, same as me I went out for a little spell as I do need to get some training in as I want to enter the Championships this yr :)

    Good luck and will be following your progress & looking for any tips on training etc. Need to get a indoor bike for when the weather isnt so nice

  2. Two Bromptons --- that's cool!
    Good luck with the training!!
    Paz :)


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