Monday 13 February 2012

Trellick Tower - Part II

I decided to post a couple more photos of Trellick Tower that were taken yesterday.

Yesterday was a bit of a mini adventure on the Brompton.  Those of you who have read a great series of books by Alastair Humphreys will know that he is quite fond of these. A mini adventure entails just getting out with no particular agenda and head off, taking in what is around you. For me it was Trellick Tower.

I used a new app for me on the Mac called 'CameraBag 2' to render slightly different tones to the pictures and I quite like the results. I didn't really say yesterday but I am rather fond of Trellick Tower. I am sure it isn't to everyones taste. I do think that some of the people living there do regard it as an eyesore but it really does have something.

There are quite a few of Goldfinger's buildings dotted around London and I wouldn't mind going on some more mini adventures to photograph them as well.

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