Sunday 29 January 2012

Out with my Ricoh for some Street Photography

Today I felt like going out, taking my trusty Ricoh GRD III with me and taking some snaps.

I ended up near the Museum of London and took loads of photos some of which are below.  I have noticed that the battery life on the Ricoh seems to be excellent.  I haven't charged it since I bought it and I must have taken about 70 shots today. Despite this there seems to be plenty of life left for even more shots.

An Art Deco lift door from Selfridges
I am gradually becoming more blatant in my street photography and getting more shots of 'people.' I do however still find this difficult and with the fixed 28mm lens you do have to get quite close for portraits. As yet most of my shots are from a distance.

St Barts
All in all I am still very impressed with my little Ricoh. The screen is totally gorgeous for checking your shots and I love the fact it is lightweight and discrete.

In a couple of weeks time I plan to go to one of the many London street markets and get as many shots as my battery allows. Hopefully this will allow me to get some illusive portrait shots I am after.
Occupy London, outside St Paul's
On the Brompton front I have started a little training regime. So far this has consisted of a brisk 20 ride every night. So far I have managed every night this week apart from Friday and Saturday. I plan to go out later tonight. My strategy if to gradually increase the length of time I am out and then go for much longer rides at the weekend. 

I was going to enter the London Nightrider event but the prospect of collecting £175 for charity seems pretty remote as i had collected for the BWC last year. There is the option for paying £99 and collect as much as you can but that is just too much for me. It might be my first Dunwich Dynamo this year as I feel I need an all nighter?


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