Thursday 5 January 2012

More shots with Ricoh GRD III in the wind!

London and the rest of the country has been hit in the past couple of days by some very strong winds - gales in some parts of the country.

I stoically continued to make my daily commute by Brompton folding bike. Yesterday it was the SL2 and today the ML6.  I love both bikes but I am still leaning towards the 2 speed and S-Type flat handlebars.

While out and about, as I have my Ricoh with me I decided to get a few shots. The first two were taken just off the Strand and the third in Trafalgar Square. This last one represents my first foray in ernest into 'street photography.' I simply got my camera up and took a shot. I hope to get more opportunities to take some better shot but I am worried that someone might take exception to being photographed at random.

The good thing about the Ricoh GRD III is that it is very discrete and doesn't scream out for attention like a hulking DSLR would. I suspect that few people would even notice. Added to this is its almost silent operation. With the weekend almost here I plan to get out and go to one of the many London street markets and see what shots I can take.

In the meantime if you're cycling take care and try not to get blown over in the wind!

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