Sunday 15 January 2012

A cold winter morning with my Brompton and Ricoh

This morning it felt as if winter had finally taken. It was frosty and quite cold. I ventured out to Regents Park and took a few photos with my Ricoh GRD. 

The image below has been tinkered with slightly with a very inexpensive app called 'Big Aperture.' I like it quite a bit as you can produce 'Lomo' like colours and cross processes.

Slight tinkering with 'Big Aperture.'
The SL2 Brompton will have to stay indoors for the next few days I think. Here in London the grit lorries have been out in force. This means a liberal dousing of salt and grit on the roads which is something I really don't want to inflict on my lovely raw lacquer.

Anyone out there know of a good chain lube/oil that would be good for a Brompton? At the moment I use WD40 or GT85. I'm not sure these are the best to use and would be grateful for any tips. Happy cycling!


  1. I am not sure using WD40 on the chain is good. I use Rock N' Roll brand (

    Like what you have done with the aperture in the photo. How did you adjust it so that only the center portion has remained in focus?

    Paz :)

  2. It is a little trick you can do with the Big Aperture program.

  3. I'm been using during the dry months Finish Line 2 Oz Bottle Teflon Lube:

    Dries out pretty quickly and my Brompton only needs to be lubed up again every few weeks. It's also great for lubing other parts of the bike such as the brakes (not the pads obviously) and any other moving part.

    I use the GT85 spray on the underside of the Brompton so that water/snow whatever the weather doesn't stick + it smells nice :)

    Other then that, I pretty much clean the chain every month with this:
    Park CG2 Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System

    Saves having to take the chain off and works wonders within minutes.

    I've heard that you should never use WD-40 on any parts of a bike as the lube is too thin and will dry out any other lube which was on the parts beforehand - not ti sure what to believe :)

    Hope this helps!

  4. By the way, the above comment was made by meeee... @walkinglamppost


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