Sunday 18 September 2022

Close passes

My commute is quite short at just over 4 miles each way. Pretty much all of it is on very quiet roads where there are only a few cars ever seen - if at all. One very short section (possibly 150m) is on a busy road that I never cycle on. I simply get off and wheel my bike on the pavement. It doesn't take long. It was on this section of road that I saw a rather nasty close pass. 

When I had a look at my route, knowing that this road was a busy one I decided that I would not cycle on it at all, as I knew that after 150m I would turn into a road that was as quiet and more or less as traffic free as the preceding 3 miles. Last Friday morning when wheeling my bike along I saw a cyclist on a road bike and a bus that decided to overtake. It was very, very close and made me wince. The cyclist was shaken but the total stupidity of it all was that the bus stopped not far up the road after overtaking. It was a needless exercise on his part. The cyclist cycled on and spoke to the bus driver, much more politely than I might. The bus driver blanked him and wouldn't engage. One of his own passengers started to remonstrate with the driver and he just ignored them too. The bus drove on and that was that. 

I asked the cyclist if they were okay. He said yes and that this has happened to him before. I asked if he had a camera and he replied that he didn't. It certainly made me want to get one!

I really don't get some drivers and why they cannot give enough room? The bus driver certainly needs educating on what is safe and not safe. As for me, I pushed my bike along, crossed the road and carried on quieter roads until I got to work. I will continue to do the same! I have said many times before that I might get a camera and I just might this time. 

Stay safe out there people!

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