Monday 5 September 2022

A gift from Japan!

Some of you out there in the world wide web reading my humble efforts have been doing so for quite some time. I have corresponded with many of you from all corners of the globe - you know who you are - and more recently many of you have done so via Instagram @orangebrompton. One such person all the way from Tokyo, Japan has been Makoto and he recently sent to a lovely letter and gift. 

The gift was a waterproof card holder/wallet. Apart from being in a vivid orange colour, it will become rather useful for my Brompton adventures. I always have to swap wallets when cycling - especially on night rides - as I don't want it getting wet. This is a great solution. 

Makoto, apart from being a wonderful chap who has followed my efforts from about two days into my blog (one day he might explain he actually found it) he also has a couple of Orange Brompton bikes. He has very kindly said that this is all due to me, but there is a huge fanbase in Japan for all things Brompton.

So Makoto, thank you once again brother for this lovely gift and your 12 years of friendship - albeit thousands of miles away. 

Until next time, take care out there!!

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