Thursday 7 April 2022


Wow! Today in London it has been windy to say the least!! I type this entry a few hours ago, sitting in a cafe off High Street Kensington, with a pot of tea, recovering from cycling straight into a relentless headwind.

Unusually for me I had one of my larger front bags with me sitting on the front carrier block and I had two very different experiences. 

The first was a slog, cycling into a headwind and not going that fast. An onlooker might have likened me to Robert Falcon Scott battling the elements in the South Pole! This was quite ironic as I cycled past his statue in Waterloo Place! The second was with the wind behind me, it was it I had a Brompton Electric with my front bag acting as a sail! Ironically moments later near Admiralty Arch I passed the statue of Captain James Cook! Of course moments later I was back to Robert Falcon Scott again! I battled the wind for a while before retiring for said pot of tea! 

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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  1. I treated myself to some power meter pedals recently, and of course tried them on the Brommie. Totally explained the additional effort of certain headwinds and why my legs then sometimes shun the steep ramp to my street by the time I've ridden up the valley.


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