Monday 4 April 2022

Cloud Blue amble in London

Yesterday morning I rose without the aid of an alarm and I definitely needed the extra sleep it afforded. Having made the right decision to not go on a long ride today, I decided to take my Cloud Blue for its first real outing in 2022. 

My Cloud Blue has become my go to Brompton for ambles in London. Normally it goes between NW8, SW7 and into the City and back again. Today I did all of those and decided to take it further east. 

I have to say that I love the colour of my Cloud Blue. The fact I only ever bring it out to play in fairly good weather only enhances the colour. Most of the time the sky does its best to match its shade of blue. One other unintentional feature of riding this Brompton is that I am usually kitted out in normal clothes. Strangely though, very occasionally it does not stop people asking if I am that Orange Brompton chap. Perhaps the decal advertising my moniker gives it away?

I cycled from NW8 to Hyde Park, down to Hyde Park Corner, through a bit of the square mile and then to Canary Wharf. From there I cycled to Greenwich, travelling under the river Thames via the foot tunnel and then back again. 

In all, I clocked up just over 20 miles, enjoying every minute. I have to say that I am a little bit of a fan of the Brooks Cambium c17 carved saddle I have on this bike. I actually have another standard c17 that is brand new that I was going to sell but might just keep it. 

I am sure that my Cloud Blue and I will venture out again - weather permitting and I look forward to taking it to locations I have not been to on it before. (Basically so that I can take a photo of it at these locations)!

Until next time, stay safe out there people. 

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