Tuesday 6 August 2019

Reply anonymous reader about Brompton World Championships

I have getting on for just over 1000 comments on this blog. When I look to see whether anyone had left a comment, some are published while some are deleted. The binned ones are usually selling something - enhancement pills, finding a local date... A recent comment was received on the day after the Brompton World Championships and was anonymous.

The gist of the comment was that they didn't get into the BWC and they weren't pleased about it as lots of participants who did were - and I quote - 'too old, too fat and too slow' did. Seriously!? What would this person suggest? That participants can only enter if they meet certain age, weight and speed requirements?  The writer of this comment misses the point about what type of event the BWC is, or for that mater the entire Ride London weekend. It is meant to be inclusive. We are all on the same team!

To the writer of this comment I wonder why you hide behind the veil of anonymity? I assume you own a Brompton? If you do perhaps you'd like to join one of our London rides where you will meet a diverse group - ages, sizes and cycling ability - that is welcoming and friendly. Maybe after a few miles you might change your view?

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