Monday 6 June 2016

Road bike item #1 - Lezyne Twin CO2 Kit

When I get my new road bike I don't' really want to mix and match the basic kit I will take with me on rides. Ny first purchase is a Twin CO2 Kit by Lezyne.

This is a quite compact little affair and contains two CO2 cartridges, value, two tyre levers, a couple of puncture repair patches in the the little aluminium box that the cartridges are strapped to and a velcro strap to keep it all together.

It all looks pretty solid and even the tyre levers - which I wasn't aware came with this little kit - are quite robust.

I imagine this would sit quite nicely in a saddle wedge and I have to say easier to carry than the one in my Brompton saddle bag, which sits in an ageing freezer bag!

A good little piece of kit and if you shop around you can get this for £15.

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