Monday 16 May 2016

An evacuee?

As the warmer weather has started to descend upon us, my choice of clothing when cycling to work has changed. This brought about a comment from a collegeue at work that left me speechless.

So you can picture my attire, I wear a pair of mountain bike shorts but my top half is shirt and tie as it makes for swifter changing when I get to work. 

My colleague has seen me in this getup many times but on this occasion they simply remarked that I looked like an evacuee. I couldn't see it myself but half way home catching sight of myself in a shop window...they were right. 

I tried to cycle as best I could after this but found the notion of a middle aged man wearing a pair of shorts, shirt and tie resembling an evacuee from WWII accurate and hilarious. Every time the thought crossed my mind I burst into fits of laughter. I suspect the few people I cycled past must have concluded I had been let out for the evening or that riding a Brompton must be great fun!

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  1. Anything is better than dressing like a Brit entering a war-zone where drivers will only see us if we deck ourselves in high viz & helmets. Let Copenhagen inspire you, the refugee look could be tuned to be retro-cool


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