Thursday 13 August 2015

I want your photo!

I need your help dear reader!

The readers of this blog are from all over the world. Their backgrounds are varied as are their ages. In addition to this the types of Brompton people own is very different - colour, type, what they use it for.

What I would very much like to do is to ask you to:

  • Send me a photo of your Brompton (it can be just of your Brompton alone or one of you with your Brompton)
  • Short description of your Brompton e.g. Black M6R, Brooks saddle, Shimano dynamo hub
  • What do you use for Brompton for
  • Why you own a Brompton
You can send this to:

What I will do is wait until a few of you have replied and then post a extra tab so that you and others can view them.

If you are anything like me, you might want to ride your Brompton to a particularly good landmark etc.., to use as a backdrop for your Brompton. Of course it is up to you.

It would be great if we could get this off the ground. Look out in the next few days for an extra tab dedicated to just this.

Many thanks all.


  1. A few replies so far. Lovely Brompton bicycles! Keep them coming!

  2. Some more your your photos and stories posted. Keep them coming as they are great!!

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  4. Some brilliant photo and Brompton stories coming in. Trying to keep putting them on as soon as I can. If there is a delay do not worry. If you have been kind enough to send something, it will appear. Thank you to every one so far and keep them coming people!!

  5. Hi! I send you earlier message and thanked you about the help I got from your page. I ordered my Brompton last week! Now I have to wait about 5 weeks. I didn't chose orange color. I chose black frame with cherry blossom other parts. I wanted sometimes more feminine, but not too much. And other spects are: H6R. I didn't got any bag yet 'cos I could not chooce. Maybe Ortlieb it will be, but what size. Or maybe bag on the rack. I hope my bike will come soon and I have chosen wicely 😀 I'll send you some photos later.

    1. Tanja, I'm really pleased you got one. You've chosen a great colour combination - I'll forgive you for not getting orange. The wait is worth it and make sure you let me know how you get on when it finally arrives.


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