Sunday 30 August 2015

Come on Garmin...I might just use my iPhone!

I have a Garmin 810 and after a recent update to the 'Connect' app on my iPhone 6, like many other users out there (some of which have vented their frustration on the review section for this app on the app store) I cannot sync rides stored on my 810 directly to my iPhone!

This is something you could obviously do quite happily and for many was the reason why they upgraded to the 810. I think 510 users and others devices are also suffering the same fate.

I believe that the app was updated supposedly to counter this problem, however it still exists. I have just updated the firmware on the 810 to version 4.20 along with the 'Garmin Express' desktop software and was hopeful that normal service would be resumed, however I can report that for me at least there is no change. 'Upload Failed' is the message displayed every time I try to sync!

This also means that the 'Livetrack' function also does not work. If I want to upload a ride I have to plug the 810 into my Mac and sync the old fashioned way.

This does lead me to think yet again about the need for a Garmin 810 at all!? I mean, for navigation I have yet to find something as good as Google Maps, which offers turn by turn directions and more importantly voice commands. In addition all the data gathered from the 810 can gained from all manner of cycling apps. So, come on Garmin or you just might find me using my iPhone from now on...


  1. It is frustrating when a piece of equipment that one has paid for, and used with ease for some time, suddenly gets crippled by an update! I also use a Garmin (Edge 705) to sync my rides with Strava and Endomondo - recently they removed the browser plug in and so now I either have to download the files off the Garmin and upload them manually or sync to Garmin's site and then sync to Endomondo, that is an extra step and more sign up information. It is a real hassle! For now, however, I will be sticking with my Garmin simply because it is rugged enough for all weather mountain bike riding in some knarly conditions that I wouldn't like to expose my iPhone to.

  2. Of course if they enabled you to 'roll back' an update it wouldn't be such an issue, but this concept is too hard for consumer markets, and one of the reasons I rarely update anything. I switched to an 810 after using a phone based app for several years, wouldn't dream of going back.

  3. RideWithGPS already functions better than a Garmin in many ways. The problem is battery life on the phones at the moment. Garmin need to make some major feature improvements in the next couple of years otherwise people will just use their phones. I have the Touring and I have had random lookups and crashes with the most recent software.


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