Wednesday 22 October 2014

100 Miles Overnight

On Saturday evening I will be embarking on a 100 mile sojourn in the form of the St Crispin's Day night ride.

I will be far from alone and several other Bromptonians will be taking part as well. A ride of 100 miles is always a significant amount to rack up. So far I have done this three times. First was the Dunwich Dynamo. Second the dreaded hills of the gruelling Mitie Revolution and more recently London to Felpham (although the 100 miles included journeys to and from the ride). 

The St Crispin's Day night ride although 100 miles will be a fairly easy 100 miles. I say this as it is relatively flat throughout. (A few killer hills would have suited my tastes more). 

I am really looking forward to it and hopefully the weather will remain as clement as the current forecast. 

In the meantime I am doing nothing in the way of preparation and merely going to turn up and enjoy!

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