Wednesday 13 August 2014

Orange UBS Commuter Front Light

I have quite a few front lights but I when I saw this particular light, for some reason it caught my attention!?

- It is a rather simple affair:

- Four LED's

- 5 different flash modes

- 1 continuous mode

- Lights up to 15m

- Visible from 650m

- If used in one of the flash modes can last up to 17 hours

- Charged quite quickly via the supplied USB cable

- Waterproof rubber housing

- 2 year guarantee

- Fits almost any handlebar

- Less than £20

This little light is bright enough to be used as a  commuter light or in an emergency but in my opinion better to combine with a more powerful front light. That is pretty much what I have been doing - with this light on one of the flashing modes. I have to say, being used in this way it is pretty good. I would also have to say that in the flashing mode, it has lasted slightly longer than its stated 17 hours. (I was sad enough to keep timings of usage before wiring this blog entry).

I got this from Decathlon for £16.99 and for me at least it represents excellent value for money, especially when it is guaranteed for two years. They come in a few different colours - black and green  if I remember - but this particular colour was my favourite.

I do like the idea of having a few lights where I don't have to bother about batteries. This one is so light and small that it can be carried and almost forgotten about until needed.

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