Thursday 21 November 2013

Roman Emperor on a Brompton!

It isn't every day that you go to work dressed as a Roman Emperor. Even less being dressed as a Roman Emperor while on your Brompton in commute mode!

I will not go into why I was dressed as a Roman Emperor but yesterday I had to and it was more than a little interesting. The first thing to point out was that I had a thermal base layer under my white robe and purple throw of fabric draped over my shoulder. I therefore did not feel the cold.

When opened my front door took out my folded Brompton, unfolded and turned on my front and rear lights, it coincided with several of my neighbours departing. The strange thing is that even though I was dressed as a Roman Emperor, they ignored it totally, said 'morning' and carried on as if I did this everyday. How typically English!

When out on the open road the level of attention received was dramatic. School children could not quite believe what they saw and had their phones out trying to take a picture. I fear they would have got nothing as I was cycling at speed.

Stopping at the traffic lights was comical. Commuters in their cars tried their best not to stare - or at least been seen to stare. In fact cycling as a Roman Emperor was better than any high-vis as cars, lorries and buses seemed all too happy to give way at junctions. I suspect many may have thought I was care in the community, had been let out for the day or escaped!!

I cannot say that I will be going to work as a Roman Emperor for at least another year but if you want to be seen on the road and possess a thick could do worse!

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  1. Children in Need?
    Excellent OB Man, better than a hi viz, does Boris read this?
    You saw in here first folks......
    "I've decided super cycle highways are not clever enough so it will now be mandatory to dress as a Roman whilst on ones chariot , mmmm bicycle..."


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