Thursday 14 November 2013

Brompton Toolkit Alternative??

I bought one of the original Brompton toolkits and still think that it is a design classic. I originally thought that its £48 price tag was quite simply too much and that I was not going to buy one. I did succumb to its undoubted practicallities and bought one.

Unfortunately, no sooner had I bought one and placed in inside the mainframe of my Brompton horror stories began to surface that the tyre levers were prone to snapping. I saw a few pictures posted and have yet to even use the 15mm spanner in anger.

Many months later you cannot even buy a Brompton toolkit at the moment and it looks as if the tyre levers will be changed slightly when and if if becomes available again.

There are lots and lots of alternatives but Brian Mc a fellow Bromptonian spied a rather fetching looking toolkit that certainly caught my eye. It is 'The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool' by a London based bicycle accessories design company, 'Full Windsor.'

'Full Windsor' is the brainchild of Mark Windsor a product designer and all round good egg who started up this innovative company. Full Windsor was successfully funded 'The Nutter' on Kickstart which is great as this brilliant tool can now be purchased via their online store.

Mark very kindly sent me 'The Nutter' for review purposes and I have to confess to being more than a little impressed.

The Nutter features

  • Glass filled nylon lever with a steel core
  • 15mm box head spanner
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex tool bits
  • Phillips head screwdriver (PH2)
  • Flat head screwdriver (3mm)
  • T25 torque key
  • Tool bit extender
  • Bottle opener
  • Leather (matt brown) and recycled inner tube pouch.
  • Tool weighs just 100 grams
  • Full tool pouch weighs 185 grams

The Full Windsor logo 

The straps are velcro secured and you have a number of options as to where to place the tool pouch. It happily hangs from the back of your saddle (looks great on a Brooks) or even your handlebars.

The case is gorgeous and features leather and recycled tyre. All the little bits fit securely and it is nicely follows the cycling theme.

Leather and recycles inner tube make a perfect match

The main tool feels very strong in the hand and appears well made. I have taken the wheels off my Brompton with no difficulty whatsoever and the length is just right to obtain enough purchase even for stubborn bolts.

The spoke tool on the side it s welcome bonus and again works well as does the bottle opener.

The tyre lever is brilliant. I actually managed to get a Marathon tyre off using it, although I'd suggest taking at least one of you plastic tyre leavers with you just in case. The coated end made me confident that the rims of my wheels wouldn't be damaged in any way.

The side of the Nutter has a little slot into which you can place an extender for the little screw bits and like everything else just works.

The Nutter is an extremely well made tool that works really well. £39.99 may to some seem like a lot for a bike multitool and for that sort of money you can buy ones that have lots more tools within them. I would say that they probably wouldn't be as stylist, well made or practical as The Nutter. There really aren't many negatives I can think of other than I don't want to give it back!!

You can buy it directly from Full Windsor but and selected stockists. I have posted a link to their website so that you can check it out for yourself and some of the other products they make.

Full Windsor Website


  1. Looks like a well made kit, I especially like the classy leather carrying bag, and hardy tire levers. Have you researched the Tern tool kit yet? Another good alternative as we patiently await the arrival of the new Brompton tools. Always a pleasure reading your blogs - Jack

  2. It looks like a well made bit of kit with a good design. My initial thoughts are that it just does'nt have enough functions and the stitching might come undone. The Brompton is the one i would opt for, despite the price, as the dedicated design means it fits inside the frame (i currently have an excellent multi-function Swiss Army Knife in there). As there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel and i am taking my bike abroad for the first time (2 weeks birding in Maroc) i have now decided to opt for the Tern! I will probably also opt for the Brommie when/if another one appears if i have the dosh to commit.

    Thanks for posting a review of the above.

    Laurie -

    1. All looks very well made and certainly should last. I particularly like the actual tool as it has the right length to give the power to tighten and undo bolts.

  3. This tool kit is a great find and i'm ordering one now thanks to you Orange Brompton! is selling them for $58.75 ($72.29USD with shipping), which is a bit cheaper than the £52.99 ($87.54USD) that it would cost today to buy directly from Full Windsor. Pretty expensive for what it is, but name something for your Brompton that has actually been cheap!

    1. Great to hear Eric. It is really good and I'm sure you'll find it useful. I have this and the Brompton Toolkit of course. As you say nothing to do with a Brompton is cheap. Let me know how you get on with it.

  4. Of course you have both Orange Brompton! The question is, do you ride with both toolkits now or just one? Which do you favor? One last thought - since you have both kits, how about a tool-by-tool comparison post?

    1. Now I have the new tyre levers I have to confess to take he Brompton Toolkit of late. A comparison might be a good idea...


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