Saturday 16 November 2013

Cyclist with a Death Wish!

Yeaterday evening I was driving to my parents house and saw a lone cyclist who I concluded must have a death wish. 

I was driving on the A40 heading into Central London. The traffic was very heavy and stop start. (This was caused by a lorry that was stranded just before the Hanger Lane underpass as it was too tall to go  safely under). As we moved forward a cyclist on a road bike quite literally flew past us - in the middle lane. He did have lights but they were rubbish. I thought this strange as his bike looked of the expensive variety. 

As we moved forward every so often I could see him weaving in and out of the traffic. My heart was in my mouth for him as at any moment I feared the worse. At times we travelled at about 30mph and he was cycling at that speed if not more. 

Once past the stranded lorry the traffic started to speed up and so did the cyclist. He put the afterburners on and after occupying the right lane for a few hundred metres he zoomed back into the left lane. I was amazed at the speeds he reached but still continued to be worried for him. I was driving at a little under 40mph and could just about see him in my rear view mirror. As I went into the right filter lane to turn off the Marylebone Road he cycled past at speed in the middle lane. 

Whoever this person was they had obviously cycled this route many times and was an acomplished cyclist but I do feel he was crazy to cycle he way he did on the A40! Even now thinking of it makes me feel nervous. It may have been the quickest and most direct route but this was ill advised, surely!?


  1. It does'nt sound like he was leaving much of a safety margin at that speed, you would have thought that the latest death statistics would be a sobering thought?

    Laurie -

  2. Doesn't he know it's only cats who have 9 lives ?

    1. He wasn't in any way irresponsible and was clearly indicating. He was also a very confident and accomplished cyclist but made me nervous watching him on such a busy road.


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