Saturday 17 December 2011

Orange Brompton - service

Today I took my beloved Orange Brompton in for its service.

One thing I have noticed about the newer Schwalbe Marathon tyres is that they seem to have a slightly slimmer profile and can now take up to 110 psi. This would certainly provide a firmer and more responsive ride. I have asked the people who are servicing my bike to give me a price for fitting a new pair. If it isn't too expensive I might take the plunge.

In London the colder weather, which did take a while to manifest itself has certainly made an appearance. Mornings have been very cold to say the least! The last couple of weeks I have had to be in work extra early which has meant I have been frozen on the bike.

I have now been riding a Brompton for over a year and have enjoyed every minute. I love people at work look at me in amazement when I answer yes to the question, 'you surely didn't ride your bike to work today in that weather?'

My Brompton should be ready by Wednesday hopefully and I will be glad to have it back. Until then I have something else to keep the withdrawal symptoms away...

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