Monday 19 December 2011

Brompton Battery Lights

Recently I acquired a second Brompton bicycle (a full review and pictures will come at some point when better weather returns or I am brave enough) and therefore needed to get some lights.

On my Orange Brompton I opted for the Brompton battery light set and saw no reason to deviate from this as they have served me well for over a year.

The set can be purchased as separate items but I decided to get the lot. It consists of a front light that has three LEDs and runs off 3 x AAA batteries. This front light is attached to the handlebars via a small bracket on the left of the picture. The light sits on rails and can be taken off very quickly and conveniently when not needed.
The front light and bracket.
The rear light is Brompton branded and replaces the red reflector that comes with a Brompton. This is a very quick and easy job. It has a central light in the middle and two reflectors on either side. The rear light is powered by 2 x AAA batteries. The battery life on both lights is excellent and both produce an excellent bright light. By the way batteries are included for both lights so you won't have to scrabble around to find some.
The rear light.
I think that the rear light really does look rather good. It is cosmetically better looking than the original reflector and really does stand out when it's dark.
The rear light fitted to a rather superb Brompton!

The front light fitted to the flat handlebars of the S -Type.
I bought my set from Brilliant Bikes for £36.50 and that price included very speedy delivery. They are a great little online shop for a whole manner of Brompton parts and I wouldn't buy from anyone else. If you don't want or need the whole set the from light costs £20 and the rear light costs £19, so £36.50 is good value for the whole set.

If it looks busy on the roads I do supplement these lights with a few more that I can strap on but they are perfectly fine on their own.

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