Thursday 22 December 2011

Orange Brompton back from being serviced

Yesterday I got my beloved Orange Brompton back from being serviced. All was fine apart from a the brake cables needing to be tightened, the gear swifter needing to be adjusted and some general tightening of nuts. They also cleaned the chain and oiled and greased all the important bits. (I am very technically minded as you can derive from my vocal). Riding the bike home all seemed real good and I noticed the gear change being that bit sharper.

I still haven't managed to take the S Type on the open road! This is as shocking to me as it may be for some of you reading this. I have been busy but the truth is I am too worried about dirt etc.., daring to go anywhere near the new prancer in my stable. I hope that common sense will prevail as at the moment I am happy to gaze at it lovingly as if it were a piece of modern art in the Tate Modern!

If anyone out there has any words of wisdom to help me get this fantastically engineered wonder out, feel free.

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