Saturday 17 December 2011

NYCeWheels - a great source of Brompton information

I will get this out of the way first. I have neither been to New York nor have I been to the USA. Why then am I writing about a shop in New York? I will try to explain.

A few years ago when I first got the idea in my head that I not only wanted to start riding a bike to work but wanted a folding bike I trawled the Internet for any information on Brompton Bikes - the best folding bike in the world in my humble opinion. One of the locations I kept coming back to was NYCeWheels.

They have a great little configuring tool where you can experiment to your hearts content with the various combinations of colour you can elect your Brompton to be made in. In addition to this they have a huge range of Brompton related videos on YouTube. These range from taking you through the various options of what type of Brompton to consider and why, to simply the love of riding a Brompton. My favourite is 'Peter from NYCeWheels' riding his Raw Lacquer ML6 in the middle of a New York winter, snow and all.

It looks like an excellent shop, carrying only the best of the best. For those of you in New York you are lucky and one day I hope to visit New York and along with all the other touristy things one would do if in such a great city, I'd certainly pay a visit to the people at NYCeWheels.

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