Monday 19 February 2024

What a carry on, on a Brompton!

At the weekend, I headed out from NW8 and my first port of call was completely by accident as I came down from Regent's Park. As I headed towards Marylebone Road, there on the wall on the block of Farley Court was a rather lovely Blue Plaque. 

The recipient of this honour was none other than the late Kenneth Williams. Those of you of a certain age will of course remember the many 'carry On' films that he starred in. With the passing of time, the were definitely of their time but I do think that Kenneth Williams was the best thing in them.

He lived in Flat 62 between 1963 and 1970, so not that long really. During this time successful films such as Carry On Cleo, Carry On Up the Khyber and Carry On Camping were made. He must have had wonderful views from his flat and in fact in his diaries he wrote about his joy of of moving into it. He wrote: "my bedroom looks out over Regent's Park. The trees are turning now and the sight is beautiful."

I cannot fathom what Kenneth Williams would have made of a small folding bicycle but I am sure he would have had something to say about it. As I finished taking my photos an image of him and Hattie Jacques riding side by side on a couple of Brompton Electric bikes down Baker Street played in my mind. I am sure you can figure out what he might have said!

Until next time, stay safe out there. 

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