Friday 9 February 2024

Brompton 12 speed frenzy

Since the new 12 Speed Brompton P-Line and T-Line dropped not that long ago, there has been a frenzy of activity. I will explain.

Both the P and T Lines were introduced with no rear hub but a new rear triangle that could take the new 4x sprocket set up. The weight saving impressed many - especially the T - Line but only having 4x gears didn't cut the mustard for just as much. Brompton have now in many people's eyes put this right with a new rear hub. This takes the gears to 12!

Brompton have advertised it as having the lowest and highest gearing ever on a Brompton - certainly true - and as such there has been a clamber to buy a new 12x speed or buy a new rear wheel that has the new rear hub if you have a P or T Line.

Many have already done this. I have a friend with two T-Line bikes. One has a low handlebar, the other a mid. He has no intention, for the foreseeable future, of ever updating to the 12x speed set up as the weight reduction was his number one priority when buying one. Many are selling their Brompton 6x speeds and below so that they can buy a new 12x speed. Some of these bikes are fairly new and it does seem rather foolish to part company with them after such a short space of time. 

Many of you have contacted me to ask whether you can convert your older Brompton to get the 12x gears. The answer is not really. You'd need a new rear triangle, along with all the other bits to make it happen. You have also asked whether I will be getting one. The simple answer to that is no. I am taking a different path. My 6x speed Brompton bikes are fine for me and what I get up to. 

I am in the process of putting my Cloud Blue up for sale - when I get my act together - purely as I know I do not need it anymore with two other Brompton bikes sitting waiting for me. I am fortunate not to need the funds from this sale to put towards a new Brompton, if this was what I was going to do. 

So, the new 12 Speed is definitely causing a great deal of activity and it would seem Brompton cannot make these bikes fast enough. Strangely, there are still the highly negative brigade that periodically come out of the woodwork moaning about anything Brompton does do to their bikes or doesn't. With these people Brompton cannot win and I question why they even bought one?

What will you be doing dear reader? I would be interested to hear. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people. 



  1. With my local climbs now being the Bwlch and Rhigos (Rhigos so close, I hardly get chance to warm up), and the brommie not getting blown about quite as much as road bike, 12-speed is tempting to be able to pedal on the way down without spinning out quite as much. But, I have to admit, I was thinking more about a gravel or mountain bike for next N+1 to explore more of the local off-road trails that guy in LBS keeps trying to sell me on.


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