Thursday 22 February 2024

Dream build - Vol.1 The Millionth Brompton

If you are a Brompton fanboy/fangirl you will have almost certainly seen that Brompton made their 1,000,00th Brompton. To many, it looks a shade of red but to me I can see - well no guesses needed - a hint of orange. It does remind me of my first ever Brompton that was gifted to me when I went up to university. 

That particular Brompton was either made in 1989 or 1990 - to my shame I cannot really say. It was black and red...but to me always an orange tinge. I used this bike quite a lot when at university and back then, seeing another Brompton really was a cause for celebration. Steel yourselves for the next bit! In the time I had it, I had no punctures, didn't put a great deal of oil on the chain, hardly ever cleaned it and rarely pumped up the tyres! It was reliable and never let me down. At the end of my studies, in much the same way it was gifted to me, I passed in on to someone else who might be able to put it to use. What an idiot I was!

Anyway, enough about all that. There is a Brompton video you can find by searching the title of this blog. In this the 1,000,000th Brompton is assembled. It is quite hypnotic to the type of persons I have already mentioned. Definitely worth a look. 

This particular Brompton has been on tour around the world. I think that this has now come to an end but I do not know where it lives? Perhaps one of you out there reading this could let me know. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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