Monday 22 January 2024

Air horn instead of a bell!

Some time ago I wrote a blog post in which I recalled someone using one of those bottles you could pump with air, attached to a horn that would emit a loud near-trumpet blast. A few days ago I saw something similar that left me somewhat speechless. 

On Victoria Embankment, almost starting from Westminster Bridge towards Blackfriars, I saw a gentleman on a very tatty looking mountain bike shout at anyone in his path. I did think that a bell might be less stressful for him but as I was soon to discover he had this covered. 

When a few tourists strayed into the bike lane, he unleashed a noise so loud and with such a shrill, it made me jump. As for the poor tourists, they were rendered rabbits in the headlights. They didn't know what the noise was, what matter of creature it came from and actually looked skywards after they had jumped upwards. To my shame I was already laughing and this was made worse by the gentleman shouting at them to 'move out of it!' Another blast of whatever he had made them jump further and run into the direction of each other. I was forced to stop pedalling and almost looked to see if cameras were pointing at me for my reaction - I could barely breathe. The tourists made it to the safety of the pavement but the gentleman gave another blast when he had past them. This caused more panic and induced me to give up cycling and semi-fold my Brompton and pretend I was looking at my Wahoo. 

Some time later and after some research I think I have identified what he had. It is billed as the world's loudest bike horn and it possibly is. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this. If I or someone I rode with used this in anger, I doubt I would get too far. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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