Sunday 25 February 2018

Popov Leather

This blog post has nothing much to do with cycling but I thought I would post it anyway for those who appreciate something handmade.

During the Christmas holiday having some Christmas present money I was looking for a leather credit card case that would actually last longer than the loads I seem to get through. I found lots of different types. Some were incredibly expensive for what they were, while others just looked like they would fall apart after a few days. Completely by chance I stumbled across a website called 'Popov Leather' that really caught my attention.

In addition to the wallet I also saw that they made pen sleeves - single and double. I absolutely loved the look of these and ordered the double pen sleeve.

The buying process was easy via the informative website and I was informed that while they took a well deserved rest over the Christmas period, order would be made - by hand - when they returned.

I liked the look of these two items so much I decided to order a Field Notes Cover with Pockets as well. This meant I had to process another order and pay for postage but an email to explain that they could combine and send as one was answered moments later by Ryan the owner and maker of Popov Leather!

You can customise most of their products to your own tastes. I ordered all the three items in 'driftwood' coloured leather with tan stitching. (See the website for the different leather colours and stitching options).

I have used the three items below every day for the last five weeks and absolutely love them! The colours do change over time and they have become a little darker. The first picture below is probably the best reflection of what they all look like. Trying to get the lighting the same in the some of the other photos was almost impossible.

The pen case has been a particular favourite of mine. I wear a suit every day to work and store two pens (which I change quite often) in a much better way than before. The whole pen case now sits in the left inside jacket pocket. They stay upright, are easily accessible and the case has such a low profile you would hardly notice it is there at all.

Double pen sleeve

The stitching on all three items is excellent. There are no loose ends and its is obviously that Popov's 'guarantee for life' is no joke.

Impecable stitching in the colour of your choice

The leather moulds to the shape of the pens placed inside 

I love Field Notes books and those of that size and use them all the time. I did get fed up with them becoming worn and moth eaten and the leather cover keeps them in near mint condition.

Field Notes cover 

Again, stitching that will last

You get a Field Notes book with the leather cover which is a nice touch and you could quite easily have two if you wished. In the version I bought you can also store a few credit cards if you wished.

You get a free Field Notes book to start you off

Enough space for another Field Notes book and credit cards etc..,

The great thing about the cover is that it stays totally flat when closed. No springing open. It stays cloesd.

It lies totally flat

I had a go at putting in a pocket sized Moleskine weekly diary and it holds it well and again stays flat when closed.

Takes a Moleskine pocket diary with ease

Still lies flat

The wallet is just brilliant. I just know that it will last year and years and be able to cope with a fair amount of abuse.

The best credit card holder ever?!

Pocket on the outside

There is officially space for 5 x credit cards in my version - one been on the outside. I can report that each space could hold two cards each and even doing this it still stays flat when closed.

Lots of space

Lies flat

Build to last

You can check out the Popov website below for detail of prices and if you time things right they usually have a discount code from time to time. They are not cheap but if you believe in buying once you'll appreciate the quality of something than is handmade.

I love these and can already see myself wanting another couple of double pen sleeves, perhaps in a different colour. I've tried to find something that could be better or something I didn't like but can't. Check out their website for more details and an insight into what makes this excellent little company tick.

Link to the Popov Leather Website

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