Monday 4 May 2015

Rohan Waterproof Organiser for Brompton Rides

Regular readers will know that I regularly cycle in all weather conditions. This can be day or night and sometimes long periods throughout an entire night. Since getting my iPhone 6 Plus, its size has meant I cannot simply out it in my pocket and have resorted carrying it safely in an old camera case. In addition, in order to keep things waterproof I have had to place this camera case in a small dry bag.

I have been looking for a solution for some time and a recent chance visit to the Rohan shop in Covent Garden, London saw me finding something that will definitely work well for me.

The Dry Safe Organiser by Rohan is a travel organiser made from waterproof materials. I suspect it is meant for those going on holiday or outdoor types but it fits my needs perfectly.

The dimensions are 18.5cm x 10cm x 2.5cm so it is quite compact. It is made from a 'Hyperbaric polyamide' which is waterproof and the welded seam aids it waterproofing prowess. It is also a strong material that is tear resistant.

Inside there is a large compartment with space for up to eight credit cards, a large zipped pocket and two organiser sleeves. Apart from all of this, I bought it as I am able to safely stow my iPhone inside, thus keeping it safe and waterproof. I have a small neoprene pocket that my phone fits into and will probably use that too to protect against knocks while this organiser sits in my bag / rear jersey pocket.

As far as weight goes it must only weigh a few grams and certainly wouldn't upset the sensitivities of even the strictest weight-weenie!

Welded seams

While looking at this I also saw that Rohan sold a small waterproof pocket that would fit some case and credit cards. This would be great for times when I am not on the bike.

I am pretty pleased with this set up. The camera case solution or wrapping my phone in a freezer bag, wasn't one and this makes me a great deal happier, especially with events like the Dunwich Dynamo where packing light/efficiently is a good idea.

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  1. Bingo! Need the same for running as well as cycling. Thanks for the heads up.


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