Wednesday 18 February 2015

New Rear Tyre

If you have read my recent post on the London to Gravesend trip, you will know that I suffered a rear wheel puncture. When the wheel was off the inner tube has a hole in it. I actually had the same problem earlier in the week and had changed the tube for a new one. Unfortunately after a quick trip to the shops on Monday I discovered another slow puncture.

Examining the tube I discovered another small hole that looked like the other two. I then started to examine the tyre and all I could see was a small raised piece of rubber the size of a pin head. Rubbing  a finger over it appeared rather sharp and I strongly suspect it was this that has caused the punctures.

I tried my best to smooth things but had no luck and resorted to buying a new rear tyre. It arrived this morning and I wasted little time fitting it - and another new tube. I hope that this solves the problem. I opted for another standard Schwalbe Marathon which is my favourite commuting and general purpose tyre. Many like the Plus version but I disliked them a great deal.

On Saturday I have another Evans Cycles Sportive which I am looking forward to greatly. Let's hope I have a clear run now that I have a spankingly new tyre on!


  1. What did you think was wrong with the Plus? I have them and they are certainly heavy and slow rolling but knowing they won't puncture is a very relaxing feeling.

    My views may be biased by the fact that I got three rear punctures in the first week of owning a Brompton which just had the standard Brompton tyre on. I promptly opted for the most armour plated tyre possible!

    1. You said it yourself James, heavy, slow rolling... The standard Marathon I've always found better. The fact it can be pumped to 110psi is a bonus. Puncture resistance isn't that far away from the plus.

    2. Thanks, maybe next time they are worn out (which takes some time with the Plus!) I'll try the normal Marathons. I've always wanted Kojaks but fear that commuting in central London might be rather hard on them. I can do without a puncture on the way to work!

  2. Bad luck, and on the rear tire, of course. Here's another potential flat source on the Brompton that my wife discovered first hand while we were riding in Thailand: The rim tape. The blue rim tape that the Bromptons ship with tends to get deformed and/or shift slightly with age, exposing the spoke nipples. The inner tube rubs on the metal of the nipples and, POP. I've since replaced the rim tape with a cloth version. Even if you don't do that, I think it's good practice with the Brompton to give the tape a quick once-over whenever the tire is off, and move it back into place if necessary.


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