Monday 25 June 2012

Turning a M-Type into an S-Type

As you know I have an S2L and an M6L. I have recently been toying with the idea of turning my Orange M-Type into an S-Type.

This is something I have thought of before but this time my thoughts are more serious. All it would take it the S-Type stem, flat handlebar, grips and maybe new cabling.

Since buying an S-type I have enjoyed the ride more and more. I have taken my S-Type on several longer rides and find it comfortable and responsive. Would my beloved Orange Brompton have a new lease of life in a different form?

I will give the matter more considered thought but if I do decide to do this it might be the Orange Brompton that goes to the BWC with 6x gears in its S-Type livery?

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  1. i've done just this, when my custom s2l i've just ordered turned out to be a p type by mistake of my lbs. it's a quick thing to do, but the stems are crazy expensive, and you have to wait 8 weeks for one if i'm correct. ask brompton personally before you do anything. you would only need cables and the new stem-handlebar. you might mess up the headset settings, so have pro advice if you decide to do it yourself. also that stem is on crazy tight, so you'll need proper 8mm allen key. or a 6.


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