Saturday 2 June 2012

IG Markets London Nocturn on a Brompton

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Markets London Nocturn. Yesterday I received an email providing details about the race which hopefully means I am in. I use the words hopefully as my online registration still says pending.

This race is similar to the BWC - but no way as good! It will however provide a good training run for the BWC.

I intend to take my S2L and test it out under race conditions. This might help me to decide which to take for the BWC. Although knowing me I will take both and decide on the day which to use. (I might even use a different bike for each of the three events I will partake in - if inclined and if allowed).

Those of you entering the BWC have you sorted outfits and if so what will you be wearing. I am my readers would love to know. In the meantime I hope that the training is going well. (I have started my training at least three times and then lapsed).

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