Sunday 18 March 2012

Out with my Pen EP-3 (and my Orange Brompton)

Today I was up early and saw that it wasn't thunder and lightning and looked rather good. I decided to take my Pen EP-3 out with my trusty Orange Brompton for a ride along the Grand Union Canal at an ungodly hour.

As you can see from the first picture there was a mist in the air. I took a picture of this pink narrowboat as I thought the colours I saw would be hard to duplicate in camera. I was wrong. What you see is a very, very accurate duplication of what I saw. This is also a Jpeg straight out of the camera and not a RAW file (which I couldn't be bothered with today).

Very accurate colours.
I managed to get quite close to this female Mallard and the sharpness of the feathers is great. Again this and all a the images are straight out of the camera with no tinkering from Photoshop.

Lovely and sharp.

I took this at f 5.6 to see if I could get that illusive BOKEH. I was very happy with the results.


The picture of the daffodil really does off the creamy BOKEH (love saying that word out loud) and was very apt, being Mothering Sunday.

Even more, BOKEH!!

This last picture of the trees reflecting in a lake was taken using one of the in-camera Art Filters. I like what it can do and can see myself using it quite a bit.

Very arty.

I got so carried away taking pictures of arty bits of scenery and nature I didn't take any pictures of my beloved Orange Brompton! I would have loved to see how vivid the orange would have come out.

This little Pen EP-3 is totally brilliant! In short I love it! The autofocus has a speed approaching that of the Millennium Falcon, when it makes the jump to light speed. I love the looks. I love that fact that it hasn't the weight of a hulking DSLR. I love the pictures it produces straight out of the camera. I love that it is shiny aluminium. I love its retro looks and I love that fact that i now own one!

(Have just come back to this entry after a cup of tea). Goodness me. I do like it don't I.

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  1. GREAT shot of the trees reflecting on the lake! :) I love to take pictures when I am out on my bike - it's a perfect combination. :) Charmaine


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