Friday 30 March 2012

Bloody Hipster!

Some of you may be aware that I recently bought an Olympus Pen E-P3 and completely love it in every conceivable way. I wanted to compete the smaller package and so bought a 'Pancake' 17mm lens and VF1 optical viewfinder on eBay. To my surprise the seller also included and older Pen E- P1! I contacted them to alert them of their error but was told that I could in fact keep it! I was dumbfounded to say the least but very pleased about it.

Naturally I wanted to test drive my new prize so I headed out with both cameras for a spot of street photography. I took my Raw Lacquer SL2 with me and both cameras. Somehow I ended up somewhere in Bloomsbury and stopped outside one of those hideous coffee establishments where people sit outside talking far too loudly for my liking, all wearing the latest fashions. I mumbled, 'bloody hipsters' to myself.

I parked my Brompton and took out the E-P3 and snapped away. Wanting to compare the two cameras I got out my E-P1 and took a few test shots. I therefore had a camera in each hand. To my horror I heard someone sitting at one of the tables - who had been talking very loudly about a new modern artist he had recently discovered - say the words, 'bloody hipster.' Was he directing this at me?

No. He couldn't be directing that adjective at me! It must be someone else? I looked around and considered in a very Robert De Nero manner whether he was indeed looking at me?! I swiftly came to the conclusion that he was not only looking at me but had directed that comment at me! I was outraged. What a generalisation. It then dawned on my that I had done the very same not two minutes earlier.

With great self control I carried on snapping and when ready packed up said cameras and rode off. Before I did I muttered that I wasn't a bloody hipster and that he should look a mirror. I mean really. What cheek!

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