Thursday 5 May 2011

What to wear at the Brompton World Championships???

I have been quite busy recently trying to get the odd sponsor for when I ride at the, Brompton World Championships later this year. So far I have amassed slightly over £140 which I am really pleased with. I will be riding for Breast Cancer Care and hope to raise a great deal more by the time I actually ride.

It has been rather chilly in the mornings in London and my normal attire of shirt and tie wasn't keeping the cold out. This morning I put on a jacket and thought that this would be pretty good prep for the BWC as one has to wear a jacket during the race.

I found that as far as aerodynamics were concerned, centre button definitely needs to be be fastened, otherwise everything is flapping about like a tent.

One other item of clothing required at the BWC is a tie. Now this does pose quite a few questions. Should I wear my old school tie? University college tie? MCC tie (part of which matched the orange on my beloved Brompton)? Old regimental tie? Decisions, decisions??? Perhaps one of you out there could provide your thoughts on this matter.

Talking of you out there, I now have 6 followers!! I am rather excited at this. Who knows if I keep this up I might even get to 10.

I will be making a more concerted effort to update my blog with posts on a more regular basis, but as I am is the case for many of you, work doesn't allow at the moment!

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