Monday 23 May 2011

Customise your Brompton.

This morning I spotted a Brompton folded and locked to a bike rack outside a tube station. So what I hear you ask?

Well this particular Brompton had been heavily customised by the owner. Everything and I mean everything was black. Mud guards, wheel rims, peddles, mud guards, rack, handle bars (which were the S type) and seat pillar.

I didn't have a phone with me so couldn't take a picture but I suspect the owner might park there as part of their commute. (At least I hope they do as I want to get some pics).

Those of you at the BWC Launch Event might have seen the Brompton with the wooden mud guards. It's great that people do this as it really personalises an already bespoke bike even further.
So far the extent of my customisation is changing to a Brooks saddle. What about you out there. How have you customised your Brompton?

I will be at the tube station in question Friday so I will make sure I have my phone and try and get some pics.

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