Monday 23 May 2011

Dress Code on a Brompton

I am quite happily on the mend but my attention has turned to my Brompton and lack of use. I am probably 10 days away from returning to the saddle and it cannot come quick enough I can tell you.
My attention has been drawn to the Brompton World Championships and more importantly, what to wear? The rules are quite simple. Jacket/blazer, shirt, tie and helmet.

I throw the floor open to you good people in internet land and would ask the question, what would you wear? Any suggestions would be very welcome and I may even consider them.

I am now off to purchase a better chair for my office at home as my current one is one of those hard ones from Ikea. In my current condition I have to employ the services of several cushions. This is okay but I find myself sitting a foot higher than I'd like!


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  1. I would wear : Jacket/blazer, shirt, tie and helmet !


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