Sunday 10 April 2011

The sun will come out tomorrow - on an Orange Brompton

It has been some time since I committed anything to my humble little blog. This has mainly been due to a busy few weeks at work.

The sun is out and like bears, hedgehogs or the tortoise from Blue Peter (assuming they still have one) Brompton Folding Bikes of all ages and colours have started to come out of the long winter hibernation. It is a sight that is magical to all those in the know.

You of course may be like me? I am not a fair weather Bromptonian and have gone through the wind, rain, sleet and snow of an English winter. However, now that the sun has finally started to come out, I am much happier.

I have been toying with the idea of getting another Brompton. I have looked on Gumtree but have to report that all the Brompton's I have expressed any interest in, leave me with the word dodgy ringing in my ear. I'll explain. I sent a text to one person to ask if the bike in the picture was the actual bike. It wasn't. The words, "...but it is exactly the same as in the picture," were text back. This played itself out in the similar way for no less that three separate adverts! Anyone out there with any experience of this, please comment.

A friend told me about the Cycle Scheme where you are able to make some savings on buying any bike up to £1000 via your employer.  I have yet to properly look into this and again anyone reading this who could tell more, please comment.

My Brooks saddle continues to not only look good but is getting more and more comfortable as it has broken in.  I can definitely recommend one for your Brompton. This will prove vital for the Brompton World Championships in August. I haven't started training in earnest yet but I feel I must put in some work before the big day.

I will hopefully post much more post in the next few weeks, so until then keep riding the Brompton and if you haven't got one yet perhaps the prospect of a fantastic bike that you can take anywhere and get in the colour of your choice might spurn you into action.

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